What makes SmarDIY stand out is our clear vision to offer value and revenue opportunities for individuals, students, non-profits, youth sports, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to generate revenue or build their brand through a platform designed and developed for anyone and everyone. We’re also passionately committed to improving what we do every day, and are open to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. As a company we must always move forward and innovate. In 2014 we took a napkin and a relatively simple idea and created something for global scale. We can’t wait to see what the community and world come up with. Happy New Year!


The year and the evolution of a simple idea taking shape. From direct to consumer and brick and morter fundraising campaigns came the idea and fruition of SmarDIY and the platform we know today as Social Commerce. How things are changing, time and technology have been good to the digital world and those that have welcomed it with open arms. We learned several things, from desktop to the imperative world of mobile websites. Being responsive is one thing, building a product builder around a mobile first point of view is another. Now that we can say without a doubt we have the best mobile drag and drop product builder on the market hands down. As a company we’re excited to see what our new users can do with it from their mobile or hand-held devices. Happy New Year!


This year has been an amazing year so far. With the launch of our new platform, new products, partnerships, affiliates and so much more. As a company and business it’s all we can ask for. However the CEO Jeremy Waters wants so much more. That’s why we as a company are already looking forward to the next year, 2017. With so much going on and a forward thinking cap on at all times, our entire team is ecstatic. We want to hear from you the members to see what you want to see for 2017. Let’s make SmarDIY different, unique and keep all our campaigns on the top of the charts. Please contact us to tell us what you would like to see from SmarDIY and we will try our hardest to make it happen. BTW, let’s not forget Christmas 2016, is right around the corner, check back in mid November for our new Holiday product suite, we know you will love it!


With 2017 right around the corner you can expect some amazing things to come out of the SmarDIY business and network. From partners, campaigns, products and services. We are looking at growing across the country and around the globe. We want to let all of our members know that we’re here for you. If you have any feedback or would like to see new products or services please let us know, we’re listening. Please contact us, your feedback is priceless. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date with the newest products, services, events and everything you can imagine assisting you to keep your hand on the pulse.

2020 & BEYOND

SmarDIY as a company has some amazing plans and services in the works to make our business model truly unique and help our members campaigns go to the next level. As technology evolves so do networks, platforms and trends. With a grip on forecasting we want to bring everyone involved in Social Commerce the best platform with an amazing experience. Stay tuned to find out more, join our mailing list to get up to date information on our products, services and anything to come. We look forward to a lasting relationship and want to hear from you the members to see what you think we should do to make 2020 and beyond the best ever.


At SmarDIY we like to feature our “Members of the Month”. We start by promoting your campaign and of course doing a comprehensive write-up about your business or organization. Find out more about this month’s Member of the Month, read below.


Keeping things fresh around SmarDIY is top priority. We like to add new partner brands, affiliates, products and services. Keeping your eye on the ball and your hand on the pulse is a good way to make sure you always have a fresh new campaign to promote, advertise, market and ultimately sell to your customers. We want to make sure you always have something new to talk about as well. Please let us know if we’re missing something, we love hearing from our valued members.